Mia 100WC Week 30

I slowly tip-toed quietly near Merlin’s workshop and saw all of the beautiful things. And when I opened the cupboard door, inside I could see an amazing pink flower in a spotted vase. Although the daffodil-like flower wasn’t growing in soil, it was still growing – in wool! I thought I would see what was […]

BBC Radio 2 500 Words – Mia

Loneliness   Monday 24th September 1995 Hi, my name is Rosemary and I am 13 years old. I have just moved into a new house and am starting a new school. The house is rather large and there is so much space to play in! Besides, there’s only my mum, my dad and I. At […]

Mia 100 WC Week 11

Dear son  It’s horrid that you can’t come home and see me.I understand how you feel its really not nice.I can tell what you feel like when your friends are getting heart I have already hade 2 minutes of remembering all the things that you do for us and things like that, I have got […]

Mia 100 WC Week 8

Once there was a little black thing called the angel of death. It lived in dark night zoo,it is,we’ll it looks like a cutie but because it looks like one it makes you come up to it but when you come up to it It will Grab your face and eat you alive.It has a […]