Komanpreet 100 WC Week 30

Yesterday at lunch, when the wind blew hard, I went to Merlin’s workshop to look at the antiques. Merlin had a lot of old treasure in his workshop. I wanted a charm or an ancient bead for my vast collection. In my collection, I had lots of charms and beads like ancient letter beads as […]

Komanpreet 100WC Week 16

One day the Zoo Keeper was walking around the zoo none-stop. He got really tired but he had to go to the other ten jungles. His teleporting torch needed charge ┬ábut when he put the batteries in it nothing changed and there were no tigers that could roar in to it. He got really exhausted […]

Komanpreet 100 WC Week 12

Dear people and children, On 8th of November 2013, there was a hurricane in Haiyan called a typhoon. A typhoon is twins to a hurricane but the names are different to where they are.8 to 9 million people were riskily injured and most of them were children. We are hoping you will understand how the […]

Komanpreet 100 WC Week 9

One day I woke up and heard a loud BANG! I swiftly ran to the window and saw the violent storm swooping around in circles. Then inside I saw an adorable baby on the road, I knew I had to save the baby. I grabbed my coat and ran outside. I leaped, grabbed the baby […]

Komanpreet 100 WC Week 8

The tarantula demon is a demon that has red moon lighting eyes he spots you and your deed. Don’t be scared of him because you’ll only be a wuss, he likes humans for tea. He has large fangs to kill its pray. The tarantula demon eats humans and animal for lunch also it eats insects […]

Komanpreet 100 WC Week 7

Slowly the sky got darker, it made my hairs stick out I shivered from coldness but my mother didn’t come back. I waited and waited it was the next day now, I got so worried then suddenly I heard the door bell ” ting” then I heard loud knocking I got so scared.Five minutes later […]