Joseph M 100WC Week 30

I crept into Merlin’s workshop to see what they were getting up to. It turned out that they had just gone to knight Lancelot. I noticed the cupboard. I slowly walked to it and when I opened the cupboard door, there was Excalibur. This is what I had been waiting for! In an attempt to […]

Joseph M 100WC Week 16

I was in the night zoo I was struggling to get out my teleporting torch had ran out of batteries and then thankfulIy I found Paul… Paul had batteries but when I put the batteries in the teleporting torch all the lights went out. Luckily we had a spying giraffe next to us so we […]

Joseph M 100 WC Week 12

Imagine a place with no food and water. The Philippines a country were you would not want to be. Help this is not fear . If you don’t no what a typhoon is keep reading. A typhoon is a tropical storm over the North Atlantic Ocean they are called hurricanes. On Friday the 8 November […]

Joseph M 100WC Week 10

My name is Bob I own a pet shop I have everything in it but… frogs. So I went hunting for one and out of the corner of my eye I sore a frog. As quick as lightening I chased after the frog and it kept hopping away from me. He hopped under the gigantic […]

Joseph 100 WC Week 8

Dodo the grizzly but cute monster.this monster is cute on the outside but monstrous on the out side you need to be careful around Dodo because it can rip you head of or eat the flesh or even worts eat your eye balls suck your brain so you should NEVER go and pat it or […]