Alex 100 WC Week 30

I was sneaking around Merlin’s dusty kitchen and there were lava potions, water potions and animal potions which spawn animals. A cat was hanging off the roof with a rope around its neck. The rope was sinking into the cats neck and when I opened the cupboard door, there were pictures of Arthur with crosses […]

Alex 100WC Week 16

I was walking through the night zoo when I came across a huge bush filled with red eyes. I ran as fast as I could. Suddenly, there was a swooping sound from above me. I looked up and I could see this dragon kind of creature swooping towards me! but when put the batteries in […]

Alex 100WC Week 14

I laid down with butterflies in my belly. Suddenly I heard a growl coming from underneath my bed. I started listening to these hair lifting, screeching blood screams! And then the noise stopped… Then out of nowhere, my lamp flew across the room. Next a frightening face appeared out of nowhere. The face said beware! […]

Alex 100 WC Week 12

Please raise money to help the Philippines. A giant storm hit some survived but they are homeless. And have hardly any food so raise money to get there life’s back on track. So if you don’t help lots of life’s will be lost. They are in a shocking condition to raise money. Walk a rowed […]

Alex 100WC Week 11

The poppy is a simble of your grate fight for you and your country what a delight we represent you in all the right ways. You fight with effort we respect every thing you do for us. Thank you we oner you with our life’s.  

Alex 100 WC Week

The heart collector he will hide in the shadows if you here a scary pan float sound better you run because he is coming for you he will grab you and painfully rip your heart out and eats your heart . The heart collector has teeth like the end of a dart he is bogy […]