Katie 100WC Week 30

Last night, when to moon rose bright, I crept up to Merlin the wizard’s workshop to mix potions that would destroy Arthur for life! So I strolled along and a strange cupboard approached me as if I was dreaming. So as if I was forced, I clutched the handle of the cupboard door and when I opened the cupboard door … there was Merlin, crumpled up in the cupboard as if he was trapped by magic. My mouth dropped open and my eyes looked as if I was going to cry. 


Althea 100WC Week 30

Thinking quickly about what I should do, I quietly tip-toed to the desk and started searching for the mysterious wishing water so I could wish to be queen. As I was scanning through the books, I heard a small noise. It was Merlin! I quickly ran behind the curtain and hid. Merlin only had to get a purple apple from the cupboard, then he disappeared. I didn’t know what the purple apple was. So I went out of the curtains and tip-toed to the cupboard, and when I opened the cupboard door it said, ‘Merlin’s trap to catch Morgan’. In a blink, Merlin was beside me!

Mikkel 100WC Week 30

When I got out of bed, my workshop was a mess so I got my brush and set to work. I swept the floor clean and put my books back where they belonged. My brewing room was also a tip! My brewing pot was upside down and books were all over the floor. So i put the books back on the shelf and levelled my pot again. After I had cleaned my workshop, I went out to see Arthur so I left the workshop. It turns out that I forgot to lock the door because when I returned, the rooms were a mess once more and when I opened the cupboard door …disaster! 

Jessica 100WC Week 30

As I crept down the crooked stairs to the old workshop, I spotted paint splotches splattered on the wall. Thinking quickly, I stepped on the wooden planks being aware to not knock anything over. The weird purple potions with signs exclaiming to not touch made me quite curious but I wasn’t sure what to do. I looked around and when I opened the cupboard door, a pile of potions fell and smashed onto the floor! I rushed around trying to find something to wipe it up but there was nothing. So I went up the crooked stairs and back to the castle.

Billy 100WC Week 30

I, Morgan le Fay, have broken into Merlin’s workshop. I thought it would be a lot harder – a man shouting his head off could break into it. I decided to get up to some mischief. I broke all the bottle and hid some of the ingredients for the potions. Then I remembered what I was looking for – his magical staff that makes him teleport, freeze time and all that magical stuff! Then I saw it. The cupboard. It stood out like a neon sign and when I opened the cupboard door, Merlin interrupted me so I fled straight out of the window. 

Jack 100WC Week 30

It was a cold night when I, Morgan le Fay, was slowly trotting down the damp street until I came upon something a little odd. It was called Merlin’s magical workshop. So I took a tiny peek inside and when I opened the cupboard door, I found the most powerful potion in the world. It was called the brilliant foundation. It can make you invisible, breathe boiling hot fire, make you solid metal and even make you live forever. I though I would keep it safe for a bit or maybe longer …

Casey 100WC Week 30

One day I decided to have a little walk, until I cam across Merlin’s workshop and I decided to have a peek. I rummaged through his drawers until there was only one cupboard left. I slowly laid my hands on the handle and when I opened the cupboard door … a diamond crown laid there. Merlin burst open the door but I hid so he couldn’t see me. Merlin searched for who had messed up his workshop. He saw me and crazily ran after me. In the end, he threw a potion at me to make me drop. Merlin had won! He started weeping gold starts and glitter.