Tia 100WC Week 31

As I was strolling along the firm pathway, something peculiar caught the corner of my eye. A vast bee laid horizontally and beside that bee were two pocket-sized men, wearing white jumpsuits. Glaring at the bee, the two men curiously discussed the colossal bee whilst prodding, poking and picturing it. Next to the men was […]

Mia 100WC Week 31

As I was walking underneath the large willow tree,I saw a peculiar sight.Next to the steel school gate laid a sizeable bee with motionless wings.Looking at the bee were two petite men wearing whole-body,white jump suits.One of the men glared at the striped bee to see if it was alive or not whilst the other […]

Komanpreet 100 WC Week 30

Yesterday at lunch, when the wind blew hard, I went to Merlin’s workshop to look at the antiques. Merlin had a lot of old treasure in his workshop. I wanted a charm or an ancient bead for my vast collection. In my collection, I had lots of charms and beads like ancient letter beads as […]

Mia 100WC Week 30

I slowly tip-toed quietly near Merlin’s workshop and saw all of the beautiful things. And when I opened the cupboard door, inside I could see an amazing pink flower in a spotted vase. Although the daffodil-like flower wasn’t growing in soil, it was still growing – in wool! I thought I would see what was […]

Charlie Milner 100WC Week 30

Slamming the hammer down like a man, Merlin was feeling tired as it was almost midnight. Swiftly, Merlin jumped in joy as the day was almost over but suddenly there was a knock at the door. He opened it whilst moaning. It was the king so his face shot up and the king asked if […]

Alex 100 WC Week 30

I was sneaking around Merlin’s dusty kitchen and there were lava potions, water potions and animal potions which spawn animals. A cat was hanging off the roof with a rope around its neck. The rope was sinking into the cats neck and when I opened the cupboard door, there were pictures of Arthur with crosses […]

Joseph M 100WC Week 30

I crept into Merlin’s workshop to see what they were getting up to. It turned out that they had just gone to knight Lancelot. I noticed the cupboard. I slowly walked to it and when I opened the cupboard door, there was Excalibur. This is what I had been waiting for! In an attempt to […]