Charlie Milner 100WC Week 30

Slamming the hammer down like a man, Merlin was feeling tired as it was almost midnight. Swiftly, Merlin jumped in joy as the day was almost over but suddenly there was a knock at the door. He opened it whilst moaning. It was the king so his face shot up and the king asked if he could check Merlin’s house. So without question, Merlin allowed him in and when he opened the cupboard door, medieval magic popped out an put the king into a room with Morgan le Fay. Merlin was shocked and used all of his magic to get him out of there. He saved Arthur and was the hero – again! 


3 thoughts on “Charlie Milner 100WC Week 30

  1. Charlie,

    Wow! I was gripped from the very beginning with ‘Slamming the hammer down…’. I had to read more to know why. You started most of your sentences with gripping opener which helped the whole story flow in a very mature manner. A very imaginative use of the prompt, well done.

    Mr O (Team 100WC, Plymouth, UK)

  2. Charlie,

    Good use of the prompt this week, I enjoyed reading your 100 word challenge. I like the fact that you have written about Merlin and his magic. Well done.

    Team 100 wc.

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