Alex 100 WC Week 30

I was sneaking around Merlin’s dusty kitchen and there were lava potions, water potions and animal potions which spawn animals. A cat was hanging off the roof with a rope around its neck. The rope was sinking into the cats neck and when I opened the cupboard door, there were pictures of Arthur with crosses around his face and his eyes cut out. There was a nasty smell coming from the dead toads. A book was open and I could see new ways to learn spells so I kept it. I smashed all the evidence so he never knew I was here. 


One thought on “Alex 100 WC Week 30

  1. Hi Alex – what a sinister 100wc! Some of the details you’ve included will really make your readers feel rather uncomfortable – especially the hanging cat (the poor moggy!). This is a skill many horror writers use, so well done!
    Mr K 🙂

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