Tia 100WC Week 31

As I was strolling along the firm pathway, something peculiar caught the corner of my eye. A vast bee laid horizontally and beside that bee were two pocket-sized men, wearing white jumpsuits. Glaring at the bee, the two men curiously discussed the colossal bee whilst prodding, poking and picturing it. Next to the men was a tiny, silver box that had an American-like flag crumpled inside it. I walked towards the men to ask them had happened and it was like they never even noticed me. As I opened my mouth to speak, suddenly realised why…


Mia 100WC Week 31

As I was walking underneath the large willow tree,I saw a peculiar sight.Next to the steel school gate laid a sizeable bee with motionless wings.Looking at the bee were two petite men wearing whole-body,white jump suits.One of the men glared at the striped bee to see if it was alive or not whilst the other man was carefully taking photos.I crouched down slowly and picked up a stick from underneath a rusty coloured leaf. Carefully, I prodded the creature to see if it was alive but it only rolled, confirming my suspicions.

Komanpreet 100 WC Week 30

Yesterday at lunch, when the wind blew hard, I went to Merlin’s workshop to look at the antiques. Merlin had a lot of old treasure in his workshop. I wanted a charm or an ancient bead for my vast collection. In my collection, I had lots of charms and beads like ancient letter beads as well as plain and sparkly charms too. When I got to Merlin’s workshop, he gave me a warm greeting and he took me to a charms and beads cupboard. Then I put my hands on the dusty-old handle and when I opened the cupboard door, the sparkly charms glittered in my eyes.

Mia 100WC Week 30

I slowly tip-toed quietly near Merlin’s workshop and saw all of the beautiful things. And when I opened the cupboard door, inside I could see an amazing pink flower in a spotted vase. Although the daffodil-like flower wasn’t growing in soil, it was still growing – in wool! I thought I would see what was in the wool. Inside the wool, there was a pair of large keys. So with the keys in my hand, I walked to each and every store. The key didn’t work to any door. But when I walked outside I saw a strange box so I put the key into the lock and it worked …

Charlie Milner 100WC Week 30

Slamming the hammer down like a man, Merlin was feeling tired as it was almost midnight. Swiftly, Merlin jumped in joy as the day was almost over but suddenly there was a knock at the door. He opened it whilst moaning. It was the king so his face shot up and the king asked if he could check Merlin’s house. So without question, Merlin allowed him in and when he opened the cupboard door, medieval magic popped out an put the king into a room with Morgan le Fay. Merlin was shocked and used all of his magic to get him out of there. He saved Arthur and was the hero – again! 

Alex 100 WC Week 30

I was sneaking around Merlin’s dusty kitchen and there were lava potions, water potions and animal potions which spawn animals. A cat was hanging off the roof with a rope around its neck. The rope was sinking into the cats neck and when I opened the cupboard door, there were pictures of Arthur with crosses around his face and his eyes cut out. There was a nasty smell coming from the dead toads. A book was open and I could see new ways to learn spells so I kept it. I smashed all the evidence so he never knew I was here. 

Joseph M 100WC Week 30

I crept into Merlin’s workshop to see what they were getting up to. It turned out that they had just gone to knight Lancelot. I noticed the cupboard. I slowly walked to it and when I opened the cupboard door, there was Excalibur. This is what I had been waiting for! In an attempt to hide the evidence, I closed the cupboard and reacted like all was normal. But I smashed a potion and the workshop was flooded. So I stole other potions as this was becoming serious. Now I can be queen because I can kill Arthur using Merlin’s potions against him. I will be queen!